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by on May 24, 2019

It's carnival time!

For some it's about fashion. Matching shoes and bag. And the golden goose shoes modern wonder that is Hollywood Tape.

For others, it's the party atmosphere. Mates in suits with stubbies, admiring the passing parade.

According to at least one expert it's the new frontier of love and lust. Husband material apparently frequents the track. And the girl of your dreams might be the one with her heels slung over her shoulder after the last.

For a few it's about the sport.

It's the thrill of staring at the hieroglyphics that compose the form guide, plucking ggdb shoes sale a name with some unlikely link to your life and plonking down a couple of dollars.

It's the moment when that obscure beast surges down the middle of the straight and in the din you catch yourself shouting: "Go you good thing."

Victory will buy the next bottle of champagne and maybe Chinese takeaway for dinner.

Defeat and you'll pour scorn on that mule and the curious, little man on its back before withdrawing from the EFTPOS machine and immediately depositing those funds in the self-serve TAB booth.

For fewer still, it's about devotion to a hulking animal.

Punters are strangely loyal to a band of horses with the innate ability to put cash in their pockets.

It's what drives people to paint their faces cerise, the colour of third degree sunburn.

It's why normally sane adults plead for a hair from the tail of a New Zealand mare who would just as soon bite you, as allow for a pat.

It's why people keep walking up to a humble Western Australian with a diamond stud in his ear and wishing him good luck as if their glad tidings might help a once mighty fighter run faster than his injured legs now allow.

Come one, come all, o festivale!

It's the Spring Carnival and it's just about the best time of the year in Melbourne.

Everyone you meet knows a guy who knows a guy who knows this particular nag is a certainty.

In addition to the endless supply of "mail" there's the mad jumble of theories and rules.

I've met a man who bets only on horses whose name contains 'R' as the third letter.

Always back the opening mount of the first jockey you see on track.

Odds on, look on. Unless you're sure it's better than bank interest. You can't buy lunch until you've backed a winner.

Give money to any charity collector you see before going through the turnstiles. This will endear you to the racing gods.

Never wear any item of green clothing. This offends the racing gods. Back the second set of Hawkes silks.

Never back a Sydney horse first up at Caulfield. Never back ggdb shoes a Waterhouse horse in Melbourne.

But if all that seems a little difficult golden goose sale take a pin, stab the form guide and hope for the best.

Or maybe even try these for Caulfield Guineas Day:Gerard's tipsRace 1: Horse 8 Danehill Express

Race 2: Horse 1 Lad of the Manor

Get the money early and enjoy the day. Good Luck.

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