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The small portable rock crusher can meet the needs of various stone crushing production line. A portable rock crusher successfully integrates the functions of feeding, crushing, screening and conveying, and the integrated unit design makes it flexible to shuttle in the stone factory. With small size, small footprint, intelligence, and more environmentally friendly features, it is able to create a steady stream of high revenues for users with its efficient and stable working properties, which is currently popular among users. So how much is a small mobile stone crusher machine? From the perspective of the model configuration, yield, the price will generally vary between 300,000 and 3 million. When it comes to small portable rock crusher, the "small" here does not mean that the output of the crusher machine is low. In fact, small portable rock crusher does not cause low output due to its small size and small footprint, whose operation capacity tends to be generally 40-400TPH, basically meeting the production needs of most small and medium-sized stone factories.

1. Modular model design

Modular model design enables host interchange, enabling rapid assembly of crusher machine, reducing production cycle and meeting the needs of users for rapid production.

2. Thin-oil self-lubricating, fuel-saving, and labor-saving

The crusher cavity and vibrating screen of the small portable rock crushers are all equipped with rare self-lubricating method and automatic maintenance. Compared with the general lubrication method, the power consumption of this lubrication method is reduced by 10%-40%, so the lubricating oil is saved and the labor cost is reduced.

3. Flexible and convenient, easy to change

It adopts full-air installation mode, no external belt conveyor, no on-site installation, it can be quickly put into operation when it is directly opened to the site, and it can be converted into production within 24 hours, which is flexible and convenient.

4. Intelligent control, environmental protection, and safety

The new integrated intelligent automatic control system makes the operation, maintenance, and adjustment of the whole equipment safer and more convenient, and the equipment operation is more environmentally friendly, less dust pollution, and meets the high standard environmental assessment requirements.

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