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It is essential to use a Loot filter when playing PoE, as most white (and useless) items begin to drop behind the first screen. You may also need a loot filter designed purely for a particular class match, for example, if you want to compete against a bow character, so you want to show only the bow drops (even white, to make them) while hiding any other potentially harmful items. If you are looking for any booty filter here for Path of Exile Blight(3.8), we have covered you!

This loot filter is one of the most commonly used and is an all-in-one upgrade + end-of-game loot filter designed for you. Neversink has spent his time making the loot filter one of the most user-friendly, making an excellent loot filter for beginners, whether or not the loot can be purchased in the store using POE Currency . This project filter has several preset, and you can choose: rules, strict, semi-strict, very strict, super rigid, super tight.

The filter for Crymsius's trophy, this filter is designed primarily for color-blind people, but it looks cool, even for those who aren't color-blind. It has a good look and bug-free loot filter and can also exchange between upgrades, end-of-game, and strict end-of-game presets.

Greengrove's loot filter has many options for more advanced players, and it has plenty of features and preset levels and racing cars. Greengrove drops carefully selected sounds for each "layer" if you want to hear the divine root of RNG when you run a magic finger character and a noble sphere drops, which makes this pickup filter great! Loot filters can also switch between different color themes: amethyst, Atlantisite, bloodstone, emerald, zo, and game favorites (default game colors used).

StupidFatHobbit loot filter, which is a powerful, highly customizable item filter, is able to handle all aspects of PoE, from race to end of game mapping in hardcore and SSF leagues. This loot filter is designed primarily for contestants. Popular streaming media RaizQT and Gucci use it because there are stages of loot filters: racing, leveling, early maps, and endgame. The screen smoothly transitions between the phases. Loot filter features 3 presets: general, strict, and super strict. I am a RaizQT stream for a long time, and I like it when he does the game, he almost always USES this loot filter (with some modifications).

Be sure to visit POECurrency.com, where you can find each of the loot filters (and previews) mentioned above, and buy any POE Chaos Orb you need.


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