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Are you not receiving emails on your Gmail account? Perhaps you should look into the settings bit more carefully to resolve this problem. However, if you have already done that and need more light on this issue then stays tuned and read the post of Gmail not receiving email issue till the last. Gmail is a reliable webmail platform that works quite seamlessly for the most part. But Gmail can cause some inconvenience to its users from time to time.

Email receiving issue is an unorthodox technical glitch which may appear in the following circumstances

  • When the internet connection is not properly
  • Email filters are incorrectly configured.
  • The email forwarding option is enabled.

If you’re experiencing this technical issue while accessing the Gmail account on the web browser, try these tricks in the first place.

  • The first thing you need to do is carefully scrutinized the email filters. There might be a possibility that you have created the email filter in an incorrect way. Make sure to check the filter to the very detail and see if your target emails are going to the right folder or not.
  • If your Gmail account is failed to receive emails from a specific sender then you must look for the block list. It is highly probable that you have mistakenly added the sender on that list from whom you are expecting the emails. To undo this, head over to the Filters and Blocked Addresses option via main settings. Next, you need to scroll down and look out for the list of blocked addresses. Now open that list, scroll down and select the contact you want to unblock. Lastly, all you need to click on the Unblock link to wrap up the process. 
  • Now the last and the most crucial parameter you need to verify is the email forwarding option. Whenever the email forwarding is activated on the Google account, you will face this problem quite frequently.

Call Gmail customer care and resolve email issues on the go 

Feel free to take advantage of these tricks whenever you found yourself in such a situation. However, if you still face this problem than don’t hesitate to take the benefits of Gmail customer service. Here your queries will be addressed by the domain experts and professional who adheres vast knowledge of email technology.

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