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It is no key that fame and beauty arrive at a cost. Being well-known, and living the high lifestyle may appear all glamorous but like all good stuff, they come at a cost.

If time is of the essence, and you want long hair now, then you might prefer paying for long hair extensions rather than waiting for your own locks to grow naturally.

The fact is, you can grow lovely long locks naturally if you want to, but most probably your locks won't have the volume and optimum health you desire.

In contrast to naturally grown hair, long hair extensions look more gorgeous and healthy. Yet, many persons wonder if the results are worth the high cost. For a lot of people, it all comes down to value for money, they want a quality product at an affordable price but generally you get what you pay for.

The price of extensions varies due to factors such as the hair type, how it is attached plus the different lengths and textures. It is understandable that the hair extensions cost increases with longer length. However, the hair extensions cost set by a salon also depends on other factors including the services they are offering, techniques used and the quality of the products they are using.

Quality vs Cost

Quality is the major factor that differentiates natural hair from extensions, so the higher the quality, the harder it is to differentiate between natural hair and extensions. That is why natural looking high quality human extensions cost more than synthetic extensions. For example, in the case of human extensions, the cost of Remy and Virgin hair is usually higher than brushed hair.

Cost According to Coverage

Generally, the cost of extensions changes with the head area you would like to cover. More area means more extensions are required and therefore, more Hair Extensions Cost. Below we take a look at approximate prices for hair extensions.

• For partial head insurance, extensions cost around $150-$300 for synthetic and $300 to $800 for natural (raw hair) extensions.
• Full head coverage price is certainly between $300 and $ 600 for synthetic and $1300-$1400 for organic (human hair)
• Clip in extensions generally cost a lower amount than other styles of extensions. You can obtain clip in extensions from $20-$90 per strand.

Price according to Color and Processing

Virgin Hair is definitely the best kind for extensions since it is never chemically treated. However , there is small chance that might be the specific color match in hair extensions, particularly if you possess light coloured hair. The extensions for that reason have to be colored and therefore increasing the entire hair extensions price for you.

So by the end of the time, you must do what matches your hair color and type, and yes it is important to select a design that accentuates your very best assets.

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