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For those who do not know Tag Heuer, it is one of the most prestigious and reputed watchmakers in the world right now. It is better known for its state of the art watches such as the Carrera, the Monaco, the Autavia, and the Aquaracer. Oh, and don't forget the Formula 1. The brand has built a presence around the globe with its pristine and irrefutable timepieces. The brand has been associated with motorsports, especially racing for all its life. Its history, back when it was just Heuer, is deeply rooted with the thrilling world of race car driving. In fact, its most celebrated watch collection, the Carrera takes its name from the once immensely popular Carrera street race held in Mexico.

Well, what is it that makes these watches so good? Let’s find out.

Supreme Quality

When it comes to quality, there is simply no watchmaker in the Swiss Haute Horlogerie industry that is even remotely close to TAG. For the majority of its life, TAG Heuer has been affiliated with major sporting organizations. Not only that, the brand has also some of the most advanced high precision timepieces ever made under its roof. Now, you can of course compare it with the Rolexes and Royal Oaks, but would that be fair? TAG Heuer is known for luxury sports watches, and that is where thrives.

Brand Value

Well, that was quality. But the reason TAG Heuer has a global market presence also needs to be credited to its genius marketing. The watchmaker has worked relentlessly to expand its brand value. It has an excellent go to market strategy which is exactly why it has a strong market presence in the first place. The brand has footprints in every major city and boutiques in every major country around the world. This says a lot about any business not just watchmakers. Another interesting fact about Heuer is that it does not refrain from capitalizing on its merits. As we all know, the Swiss horologist is a Maestro in making highly efficient sports watches. Take the Tag Heuer Carrera, for instance. But what makes it a great ‘brand’ is that when it comes to utilizing these watches for its own gain, which is to eventually spread its name to every corner of the globe, it simply does not pull its punches.


Iconic Watches

This is a great quality for a business and an even better one when it is in an industry as competitive as the Haute Horlogerie. Its watches such as the Tag Heuer Formula 1 are iconic in the sense that they always perform at their peak. Apart from the managerial blunders that the brand is usually in the headlines for, the watchmaker is also known for its ingenuity. The degree of finesse it shows in its work is just fabulous.

TAG Heuer will be among the very best in the industry for a long time to come. Some might even say that it has cemented its position for good.

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