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In the game, gamers can even hope to face the Zingore, and they will need to beat the Icreborne DLC final boss first. This is very important as completing the Iceborne DLC will open the path of Guiding Lands, which is where you will encounter the Zinogre. So, here is the guide that will help to reach and unlock Zingore in Monster Hunter World: Iceborne conveniently. 

Monster Hunter World: Iceborne – Guiding Lands

Once gamers have completed the Iceborne DLC, they can reach immediately to the Guiding Lands. Upon arrival, find your way to the Analysis Progress bar available on the top right side of your screen, which should be expressing, “Fanged Wyvern.” To refill the Analysis progress bar, gamers require to earn progress points. For that, you will need to do the following things such as:

  • Multiple points: Breaking part of the correct kind creature.
  • One Point: Breaking part of the wrong kind creature.
  • One Point: Slaying the correct kind creature.
  • One Point: Capturing the wrong kind creature.
  • One Point: Eliminating a tempered create.

Gamers can also be allowed to eliminate or break any kind of Fanged Wyvern. So, don’t want your time and join the event to kill the smaller wyverns as quickly as possible. Also, after filling the bar completely, Monster Hunter World: Iceborne gamers should return to camp.

Monster Hunter World: Iceborne -The Zinogre

There is doubt, hundreds of thousands of gamers have been waiting for the combat with the Zinogre. To set up for this combat, all huntresses and hunters should get the following information into consideration.

To begin with, it is a thunder-type creature that attains its thunder power from Thunderbugs. With this, the Zinogre will shift into a supercharged beast. Considering such power, the gamers should fight using an ample supply of electric resistant gear and nulberries. Also, every Zinogre’s hits are electric-based, using items such as the Thunder resistant Mantle or Thunderproof armor will really support to neutralize some of the damage from its supercharge itself. Nulberries are supports tremendously as they can be utilized to nullify Thunderblight.

Moreover, there are some other in-game skills that you can take into consideration. Those skills are:

  • Thunder Resistance: Helps to nullify thunder-based damage taken.
  • Stun-resistance: Helps to neutralize the time of stuns.
  • Earplugs: Helps to reduces the Zinogre’s roars’ stunning effect.

Monster Hunter World: Iceborne – Lure out the Creature

 In the game, once the gamers have reached back at camp with the full Analysis progress bar, they will prefer to talk with the handler in order to report their task. After arranging using the multiple screens, gamers will be offered choices, in which you should select “Lure out the monster.” Most importantly, the Zinogre can show up in both the Coral Highlands and the Ancient Forest. So, the choice is really up to gamers, depending on their preference.    

So, what’s the final saying?

Fortunately, the Zinogre has some weaknesses like its tail that gamers need to focus on and nullify its attacks conveniently. So, try to land a critical blow to minimize incoming damage and defeat the thunder monster instantly.

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