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Language needs perfection and proficiency when it comes to preparing for competitive exams like SBI, SSC, IBPS, etc. Recently speaking, the IBPS PO exam has introduced sectional cut-off which means that every candidate should prepare every section thoroughly to qualify the exam. Let us discuss some tips to score high in the English section of the IBPS PO exam as there have been some unexpected changes in the exam pattern. To evade such nightmares there are some significant ways to overcome and they are as following: -

  • Practice reading your favorite theme or topic while reading a newspaper or any article. It will generate your interest.
  • Shortlist typical or complex words and write- down its antonyms and synonyms in a separate notebook. Do revise them daily and thoroughly.
  • Read the article or paragraph thoroughly and try to find the answers arising in your mind. It will enhance your comprehension skills.
  • While practicing MCQs, you should concentrate on the tone of the sentence so that it is easy for you to pick the best answer.
  • Avoid the questions with difficult words, you may get the wrong answer and will get negative marking in the exam.
  • Revise grammar rules thoroughly by taking the topic tests on every part of speech. It will improve your sentence structure which helps a lot in solving questions like SPOT THE ERROR.
  • To attempt to fill in the blanks accurately, recognize the logical sentence structure and concentrate on the tone to determine the correct option.
  • To understand the comprehensive questions like cloze test, para jumbles, and reading comprehension, try to read between the lines so that you understand the topic better and answer the questions according to the theme and tone.
  • Besides reading daily newspapers, do try to solve word puzzles to improve your command over the language
  • Attempt topic-wise tests from any of the online mock test series and analyze performance. Attempt questions from topics that could not make the grade in the given mock test.

I hope these tips will help you score high in the forthcoming IBPS PO EXAM.

Wishing you luck to grab the most prestigious career of the lifetime!!!


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