by on September 9, 2016
We recently posted a blog showing just how much our phpFox Neutron v4.4 improves performance . In some cases, we saw speed improvements of 3 - 4 times as fast as previous versions! You'll find that our script is lighter and faster than many of our competitors. This is an important factor when choosing where to invest your hard earned dollars to purchase a script for your website. Even free scripts can have more costs involved as server costs, support costs, and other costs can multiply if a script is not optimized. We've gone through many stress tests, coding reviews, and other important checks in order to optimize our script to serve any type of site, whether small or large. You'll find that as your site grows, having a script that naturally scales up by design is invaluable, and this is what our script is designed to do. Why risk issues in the future as your site grows and you find that some other script does not scale? Invest in a phpFox license now and avoid the hassles later of having to migrate your site to a scalable solution. Easily purchase via Paypal and instantly get your hands on our most optimized script yet! #socialnetwork #investment #facebookclone
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I assume you like the blog :) lol
Bryan Fox
4.4.3 is coming, so excited