by on October 28, 2017

Steph Curry’s stardom in the USA is undeniable. In NBA Jerseys? Unmatched. Steph Curry’s rise to global fame began at the start of 2014-2015 season when he joined Under Armour and released the industry-shaking Curry One, a signature shoe that shifted the balance of power away from Nike. Since then, Steph has won two Cheap NBA Jerseys and debuted three more signature Curry Shoes (and its accompanying Low and Summer-specfic models) while further cementing his legacy as one of the most dominant players of this generation.

These brand tours in Asia are extremely important because the brands rely on the sales numbers of this region to grow the Stephen Curry Shoes brand. Historically, Chinese ballers have idolized stars who rely on finesse and grace as that style is much more appealing and relatable than one that hinges on power and above-the-rim explosion. Kobe Bryant, who is regarded as a god among Chinese basketball players, had the top-selling jersey in the country for years. Earlier this year, Steph dethroned the Black Mamba in that category, which clearly shows that the two-time MVP on the world’s best basketball team is by the favorite.

That said, the expectations for the Curry 4 are high. Sales of the Curry 3 were disappointing and much of its decline affected the overall health of the parent brand Under Armour, but the response to Steph’s newest show has been widely positive and winning, of course, solves all.

Under Armour is set to launch the Curry 4 Shoes this Saturday with an exciting “More Magic” colorway; it will be exclusive to Warriors Team Store, the Bay Area, Boston, and Chicago.

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