Albert Santiago
by on October 30, 2017

phpFox 4.5.3 Build 3

While waiting for release 4.6.0, we are releasing a couple of phpFox 4.5.x maintenance versions to fix urgent, critical issues as well as improvements which clients encountered and reported to us. This is to make sure the recent phpFox version is continuously improving and stable.

We are pleased to announce that the maintenance release - phpFox 4.5.3 Build 3 has been released and available in Client Area (phpFox 4.5.3b3) for clients to download.

Please note that if you have phpFox 4.5.3 installed, you do not need to run the full upgrade routine as this fix is a minor build release.

In this build, we have fixed the following issues

1. Missing settings files when upgrade phpFox site - Can not upgrade phpFox.
2. Missing loading icon when load more feeds.
3. Cannot install Apps in some clients sites.



Install Info

Change Log

Find bugs with this version? Please report them at our GitHub tracker.

Need support? Purchase support and submit tickets right from your account.

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