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by on November 29, 2017

A Microsoft account provides a set of basic facilities of Microsoft services including, OneDrive, Calendar, Photos, and Skype. It can used to exchange mails over the internet as well as Word Docs, Maps and Bing Search. In order to get an account, you need to complete the signup process.
Whereas Hotmail Premium is also a username and password than used to login to Microsoft account, but here is the difference, with it you can use OneDrive as an alternative backup and bring essential services together that help to grow your business. Using this hosted service you can access several services in a unified sign in system that provide complete access to a variety of free consumer products such as Shopping List, Web & App Activity, Skype.

Hotmail Support Differentiate the Both:

  • Hotmail Premium

Hotmail Premium provides an important layer of security; this security is known as 2-step verification. If someone logs into your account from an unknown device, you will get a text verification code immediately on your alternate email address or contact number. Furthermore, you can carry a set of backup codes in your wallet in order to securely access your Hotmail premium account. If you decide to use OneDrive as the source of cloud backup for PCs, you can automatically backup lots of secured files and only you will know what sensitive information is being synchronised.

  • Hotmail

On the other hand, Hotmail is a web-based free emailing service; provides gigabytes storage to their users and comes with several essential features including mail forwarding, spam filtering and many other useful features. The high-end program of Microsoft’s mail conditionally organises successively related messages/chats into conversational thread. 

If you require any further guidance for Hotmail, Hotmail Technical Support is always available for you. This team entails well-trained technicians and professionals to assist you in best possible ways. So do not hesitate to call our Hotmail Customer Service Number 1-800-875-379.

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