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by on April 20, 2018

One of the reasons why phpFox is the best social network solution is because of its extended plugins. These extended plugins include apps, themes, and language packs which are an absolutely great addition to your social network sites. As of today, we have 300+ plugins available in the phpFox store. But for now, let us give you a quick update on the new apps and themes in March 2018.

1. Advanced Comment [v4] by YouNetCo


Advanced Comment app expands several additional features to Core Comment of phpFox and helps your social network own the most modern tools for users to express themselves. The app provides several ways for users to portray their opinions and ideas through images, stickers, and emojis. Various improvements are also implemented to comment section such as picture preview on links, hide/unhide comments, preview on the embedded link... And certainly, all these components & settings are easily customized.

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2. Add Links Button by FoxExpert


The main thing in each social network based on Phpfox it is user's content and it is really important to force your users to add or Share content. Sometimes users registered and cannot find add buttons, but our Add links Button app solver this problem and adds Button into header near notification buttons, so your users never miss add links for any of your apps.

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3. Neo Material [Theme] by Scheinwelt-Media


A clean dark material based theme with a fixed header.


  • fixed header when scrolling
  • Modern dark color design

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It is always great to ask the 3rd Party Experts about the overall functionalities about these products. All of the plugins listed in the sore have its own 3rd party developers. These developers provide support for their own set of plugins. If in any case, you won't be able to contact them, just drop us a ticket in your client area and we are happy to help.


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If you want to develop 3rd party plugins for phpFox and interested to become one of our 3rd party developers, please check out our Developer Program page.

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