by on April 3, 2017
We are pleased to announce the release of phpFox 4.5.2 is ready now. This version is focused on only 1 main objective: improving significantly the quality of Core script. On top of issues from your valuable feedback on phpFox Community and GitHub, many other issues have been found and fixed thoroughly. There are no new features added. But you would be surprised if knowing how much effort we have spent on this release. It makes us believe that this will be the most stable phpFox version than ever...
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by on September 28, 2016
This month, our #inFocus deals with and can help you with tips to earn with your #phpFox affiliate account! We've had many successful affiliates that earn full time income with their affiliate accounts. We can't guarantee any specific amounts you could earn, but it's free to join the affiliate program so there's no investment needed other than your time and creativity. #website
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by on January 3, 2017
I'm going to see how smooth this blog runs when I post a test blog. I don't see fonts to choose from, that's not good but oh well. The main thing is being able to post smoothly. And that's a very important function in my opinion.  Important blog functions  Being able to choose different formats  A clean looking blog  Upload pictures  Adding hyperlinks  Those are very important functions that a basic blog should have.
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by on August 21, 2017
This post is to explain more how the phpFox Affiliate works, provides you with all affiliate banners and necessary instructions. phpFox Affiliate banners To those who are already active Affiliates of phpFox sales, the following banners are for you to use on your websites, blogs or wherever you want to put it together with your Unique Referral Link. Medium Rectangle banner (300x250): This banner should be embedded within text content or at the end of articles.   Leaderboard ...
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by on January 20, 2017
We are pleased to announce the release of phpFox 4.5.1 is ready now. As you may know, we have received many valuable feedbacks about issues and suggestions on phpFox Community and GitHub from our major release 4.5.0. How thankful we feel for your support! That is why our team is determined to have this minor release so quickly. Moreover, apart from a bunch of bug fixes, we don't forget to include in this version many significant enhancements that you must have been interested in. Here are hig...
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by on November 17, 2017
phpFox 4.6.0 Development Release The Developer Build of phpFox 4.6.0 together with the Material template is now available to 3rd party developers. This developer version of phpFox 4.6.0 is a development release which allows all the 3rd party developers to test and tweak features in phpFox’s popular Social Network platform. Compared to the latest stable version, this edition contains subtle modifications that make it interesting for phpFox’s die-hard fans. As you expected from phpFox, you will...
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by on May 18, 2017
We’ve got good news for you! We are excited to announce that we just published our new phpFox website! Our team worked hard to collect all the information needed and properly organized them into a one powerful, informative yet cool and user-friendly website. From the Developers to the Managers up to the Director, we collaboratively discussed and implement all the necessary details to give you the best experience exploring our website. That being said, here’s a 10% OFF for you on your purchase...
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by on November 22, 2017
This article is to give you a quick preview of phpFox v4.6 Material Template. We know that you are all excited about this latest version of phpFox. In this version, you'd be able to choose between the current template, the Bootstrap Template, and the new template, the Material Template, to use on your phpFox site. For now, while we are still finalizing everything, we'll give you an idea of how the Material Template would look like. Sit back and relax as we take you to the future of the social ne...
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by on September 9, 2016
We recently posted a blog showing just how much our . In some cases, we saw speed improvements of 3 - 4 times as fast as previous versions! You'll find that our script is lighter and faster than many of our competitors. This is an important factor when choosing where to invest your hard earned dollars to purchase a script for your website. Even free scripts can have more costs involved as server costs, support costs, and other costs can multiply if a script is not optimized. We've gone throug...
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by on February 10, 2017
1. Regions / States from Foxer      Introduction: We have created this app to cover missing regions and states for all countries all over the world. Over 4 thousand regions will be added and will automatically appear if user selects any country available on registration or when searching for members on members browse page.      Codes for the names of countries, dependent territories, special areas of geographical interest, and their principal subdivisions (e.g., provinces or states) were s...
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by on July 19, 2017
We are sure you are all excited to hear this news. You will discover some of the core apps improvements plus the newly added features of phpFox 4.6.0 in the next sections of this article.  But the most important question is, when is the release of this version? We know a lot of you are excited to know about this newest version release. What we can give you, for now, is we are planning to release this version tentatively by the last quarter of this year. For the meantime, let's have a quick sneak...
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by on June 28, 2017
Hello! Another year has passed and phpFox keeps growing up amazingly. As we constantly improve our platform, we also wanted to share our success to all of our clients. Definitely, we will need your help on this. Our appreciation to all the new and existing clients for nominating us as this year’s Best Social Network Software at the annual CMS Critic Awards 2017. We would like to reach the top and share it with you by giving you an outstanding social networking software. But we cannot achie...
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by on October 27, 2017
The phpFox script supports uploading videos. And as admin of the site, you'd be able to change the size limit for all the video uploads. In this article, you will learn on how to increase the video size upload in your phpFox site.   Simple steps on how to increase the video size upload in phpFox First, you need to login to your site as an Admin.   Go to User Groups to manage the settings of the user group. By default, phpFox script has 4 different UserGroups as shown in the picture below. B...
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by on January 3, 2017
Since the release of phpFox 4.5 RC few weeks ago, we have been receiving so many positive and amazing feedbacks for this version. How fantastic it is! We do appreciate for your contribution and this encourages us to make phpFox better and better. And now, we delightedly bring you very good news: phpFox Neutron 4.5 is officially released! You can start upgrading your phpFox site for now by following our instructions in articles below: Upgrade Instructions Installation Instructions ...
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by on February 6, 2017
Yazemeenah Rossi, mannequin, artiste visuelle et photographe d’autoportraits, a pris le temps de partager ses superbes photos d’elle prises dans des endroits magnifiques, et sur lesquelles elle ne porte qu’un foulard stratégiquement placé afin de cacher sa pudeur. Et elle est vraiment sublime. Ce n’est pas la première fois que la bombe aux cheveux argentés nous séduit avec son bien-être. Contrairement à la plupart des campagnes publicitaires pour les maillots de bain qui mettent en scène des ma...
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by on March 31, 2017
Former national security adviser Michael Flynn has reportedly told the FBI and investigators looking into President Donald Trump's alleged campaign ties to Russia that he would submit himself to be interviewed in exchange for immunity, according to officials cited by The Wall Street Journalon Thursday. Robert Kelner, the attonrney representing Flynn, reportedly made the offer to the FBI and the intelligence committees in both the House and Senate in order to avoid what he called "unfair prosecu...
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by on May 2, 2017
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by on July 28, 2017
Have you ever thought of having your own Social Network? Do you imagine yourself how it feels to manage a famous website like Facebook? How about building your own community for professionals like LinkedIn? There are lots of popular Social networks out there but what do you think is the reason they are getting bigger and better every day?  What do they get in return? People have their own reasons why they want to build Social Network. Some just want to connect people by building a niche commu...
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by on August 24, 2017
If God had a name What would it be? And would you call it to his face? If you were faced with him in all his glory… What would you ask if you had just one question? What if God was one of us? Just a slob like one of us Just a stranger on the bus… Trying to make his way home If God had a face What would it look like? And would you want to see it? If seeing meant that you would have to believe In things like heaven and in Jesus and the Saints And all the prophets What if God w...
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by on September 12, 2017
The big day is almost here. In less than 24 hours, Apple will finally kick off its Sept. 12 eventat the Steve Jobs Theater at its new "spaceship" campus California. The occasion will be used as a launching pad for the company's newest hardware, including a new batch of phones unofficially referred to as the iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus, and iPhone X.   SEE ALSO: How the iPhone has evolved over the last decade Apple typically uses its annual fall event to show off the company's new iPhone, bu...
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by on September 12, 2017
Okay, people. It’s time to start paying attention to what you’re putting on your face. There are some really unhealthy things in the makeup products you use every day… and ingredients like pthalates, parabens and lead that have been linked to cancer, hormonal imbalances and skin problems. If that’s not reason enough to consider making the switch to all-natural makeup, maybe these 10 amazing natural beauty blogs will help you get on the right track! #GoGreen 1. Organic Beauty Talk: This blog ma...
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by on September 25, 2017
Recently, we released one of the phpFox's standalone core apps which is the Blog App v4.5.3. And as we continue, we are releasing more standalone core apps of phpFox in the store. More phpFox Standalone Core Apps As we released these updated core apps, we made sure that all the issues from the current version have been fixed.  We also added new features and improvements that will absolutely benefit your site. Now, let's begin to check them out one by one. Music v4.5.3 Through Music a...
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by on October 26, 2017
Whenever, any work is being carried out then user needs to make sure of gaining all relevant form of knowledge. It happens at times that sudden operation or conducting work in a wrong way means giving invitation to printer in displaying technical error. Professionals of Canon Printer make a thorough form of examination of all the areas and then come up with relevant solution. If still, printer displays error code – 6000, then it means banking on advises coming from Canon Printer Support Number  ...
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by on December 13, 2017
Refurbished, en el lenguaje cotidiano, es "renovar o restaurar a una nueva condición y/o apariencia". En el mundo de las computadoras, los equipos reacondicionados no son necesariamente defectuosos de ninguna manera; pueden ser simplemente "viejos" (un término relativo en el mundo de las computadoras). Cuando se restaura el hardware, se examinan los componentes y se sustituyen las piezas que no funcionan. Las compañías que alquilan computadoras pueden utilizar la renovación como un medio para...
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by on January 25, 2017
We are pleased to announce a maintenance release – 4.5.1 Build 2 has been released and available in Client Area for download. Please note that if you have phpFox 4.5.1 installed, you do not need to run the full upgrade routine as this fix is a minor build release. In this build, we have fixed the critical issue: HTML blocks aren’t displayed on 4.5.1 Install Info Download Upgrade Instructions Installation Instructions Change Log Changed file list Find bugs with ...
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by on March 2, 2017
Let’s have a quick look back about some new apps and themes in February 1. Advanced Music from –… – Introduction: ++ Multiple uploads mp3 files and Soundcloud integration ++ Sticky player (play song, albums, artists songs, playlists) during your browsing site. ++ Good design and more than 23 blocks ++ Users can sell songs and add all information about song (album, artist, lyric, youtube video, cost and etc) ++ ...
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by on April 27, 2017
Если бы в каком-нибудь реестре стандартов и эталонов, где-нибудь между процентным содержанием меди в афинской бронзе и количеством половозрелых особей в популяции малайского мелкоуха, существовал бы показатель сложности человеческой натуры, этот экземпляр был бы образцом наивысшей степени замороченности. Образец был человеком женского пола, высохшим до парадоксального отсутствия плоти на стройной костной основе. Человека звали Виолеттой. Виолетта была частью однокомнатной квартиры с раскладушко...
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by on May 19, 2017
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Cox email is mostly people are used in email application market. We are given customer support for cox email technical issue. If you are user of cox email application and facing the error of email , if any technical error issue regarding your cox email, +1-800-982-1502 call us toll free number , we are give you best tech service by specialist tech support team. Cox customer service number gives best and cheapest service. If you will be need support please visit web site.  
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The idea that replicability is only problem for some fields of psychology is an important one to address, because it has implications for how new policies are adopted and implemented. For instance, if problems with replicability are limited to certain subdisciplines, then broad changes at funding agencies or cross-disciplinary journals would not be needed. Instead, policies could target just those areas where the problems are most likely to occur. In addition, those who fail to see a problem in ...
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Hello! Here's what you need to know on Tuesday. 1. Florida and the Caribbean are beginning a slow and costly recovery following Hurricane Irma — one of the strongest storms ever recorded in the Atlantic Ocean. The storm's destruction could cost $US50 billion in the US and the clean up is expected to take months. Here are some dramatic photos that show the trail of destruction it carved through Florida. 2. The UN Security Council has unanimously stepped up sanctions against North Korea. The...
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by on September 14, 2017
සිංහල අකුරු පරීක්ෂා කිරීමට මෙම ලිපිය යොමු කරයි සිංහල අකුරු පරීක්ෂා කිරීමට මෙම ලිපිය යොමු කරයි සිංහල අකුරු පරීක්ෂා කිරීමට මෙම ලිපිය යොමු කරයි සිංහල අකුරු පරීක්ෂා කිරීමට මෙම ලිපිය යොමු කරයි සිංහල අකුරු පරීක්ෂා කිරීමට මෙම ලිපිය යොමු කරයි  සිංහල අකුරු පරීක්ෂා කිරීමට මෙම ලිපිය යොමු කරයි සිංහල අකුරු පරීක්ෂා කිරීමට මෙම ලිපිය යොමු කරයි සිංහල අකුරු පරීක්ෂා කිරීමට මෙම ලිපිය යොමු කරයි  සිංහල අකුරු පරීක්ෂා කිරීමට මෙම ලිපිය යොමු කරයි සිංහල අකුරු පරීක්ෂා කිරීමට මෙම ලිපිය යොමු කරයි සිංහල අකුරු පරීක්ෂ...
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by on October 11, 2017
Bringing the phpFox store to the next level is one of our ongoing projects to give you the best experience ever. We are making big changes in the store that will absolutely make your accessibility better than before. Let's take a look at how the new phpFox store would look like. NOTICE: These images and layouts are just mock-ups of the design of the new store. The content of the images doesn't represent any of the actual data in the phpFox store apps, themes, experts, languages, and packages. ...
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by on November 13, 2017  +84938416889
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by on January 2, 2018
Today we are going to give you our 2017 Year In Review highlighting the major version releases and company updates. Let's all take a look back at some of the critical events this year. One of the highlights this year is the new phpFox website. We have decided to update our website to provide a powerful, informative yet cool and user-friendly website. Feel free to explore and don't forget to chat with our live chat agent whenever you have questions in mind. Earlier this year, we have released t...
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