Get An Overview On How To Change Bookings On British Airways

Booked your flight tickets with British Airways but need to change them now? Well, British Airways lets you change its flight tickets without any hassle, however, this does come with change flight policy and some important guidelines to help you with your last minute changes. Now, many passengers change their flight tickets without having an idea about the airline’s change flight policy and the online process, and then some of them of face issue with their travel plans. Hence, read this post further to know about the flight process and policy of British Airways.

Online Process To Change My Bookings On British Airways

Follow the steps mentioned below and make your British Airways Change Flight easily.

·Open your preferred web browser, visit the official website of British Airways and then move to the Manage tab.

·Now, either to your BA account or you can use the Booking reference number as mentioned in your itinerary.

·Next, mention the last name of the passenger, and then hit the Find My Bookings option.

·On the British Airways’ Manage Booking page, you can now choose the next flight as per your preferences and then follow the onscreen instructions to finish the flight change process.

Important Fight Change Guidelines That You Should Know: British Airways

The following guidelines will help you with your British Airways Change Flight.

·You’ll need to first cancel your original flight ticket on British Airways, and then rebook the next one.

·You’ll need to pay for the fare difference (if higher) and also the flight change fee that will depend upon your new flight’s routes, destinations and other booking details on British Airways.

·For same day flight change, British Airways allows you to make change 1 hours prior to the scheduled departure of the original booking, however, the routes and destinations for the next flight must be same.

Moreover, if you wish to know more about the British Airways Change Flightthen contact the airline’s customer services.

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