I would strongly recommend going for an unmanaged VPS and hire someone to take good care of.

You will get better resources and have full control over your hosting.

Here’s an example:

For your requirement (2-core/4Gb), you can get a VPS for something around:

$20 if unmanaged
$40 to $80 if managed
The thing with VPSs is, once it’s setup, it doesn’t need continuous monitoring to get going. A period maintenance, once every 3/4 months, or an intervention on demand should be more than enough.

You risk paying 2 to 4 times the value of your VPS while not really needing the service every single month.

What you could do is:

Buy the unmanaged VPS from a reputable service provider like Digital Ocean, Vultr, and Ramnode. It will cost you exactly $20 per month
Eventually add a Cpanel license to it (~$10/m)
Hire a freelancer from the likes of Fiverr or UpWork for the initial setup and period updates/upgrades
If you still think you need a managed VPS in one place, you can opt for Cloudways. They use VPSs from known providers, and add a management fee to it. You will fall under the $40 to $80 per month depending on the VPS source.

But I still feel it’s too much, ’cause honestly, managed VPS service don’t bring much to the table.

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