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Resident Evil 3 Remake will have content overlapping the recently released Resident joker game Evil 2 Remake for players to experience the fun. The excitement went on in early 2019 with good feedback from Resident Evil followers.The main story in the game will be the escape and survival of Jill Valentine, a STARS policeman at the Raccoon City Police Station. City after it was discovered that the G-Virus outbreak was so severe that all residents of the city. It turned into a zombie. In addition, Umbrella, the large organization behind this crisis. Also sent a unit U.B.C.S. to help the people of the city But in fact That is, coming in to collect information that is still useful for them back to the research center. In this part, the main enemy, Nemesis, will come to make you harder.

Release Date 3 April 2020
Capcom Development Team
Action game type
Single player video game mode, multiplayer video game.
PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One platforms

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