Write the last password that you remember.

It is the process that starts by default: Google asks you to enter a 'password' that you remember. In itself, it does not offer any solution since unless you write the current password (and that, in theory, you do not remember), it will not let you pass.

Click on 'Try another way' and choose another option to recover the account.

Regain access with another device

If you registered the Gmail account on another mobile, tablet, or computer, a notification from Google would have appeared on the screen. Write the characters that appear on the phone screen where you are trying to recover the password, and Google will let you pass. Otherwise, you will have to use another method.

Let Google call or send you an SMS

As we said before, depending on the information you have registered in your Google account, you will have more or fewer ways to recover the password. If you have filled in the phone field, Google will send you an SMS to that number. It can also call you. Enter the code sent on the mobile where you are recovering access, and you will be able to pass.

If you cannot access it with your mobile, you will have to click on 'I don't have my phone. Google will offer you another way to access your account.


https//g.co/recover for help

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