A Quick Guide to fix the Google Chrome keep crashing issue 

Are you facing the Google Chrome crashing issue? Don’t worry, this issue can be fixed within no time and you can fix it on your own by using some very simple hacks.

While using Google Chrome for some important work if you face the Google Chrome keep crashing issue, then it can annoy you and can also hinder your smooth working which can delay your important work. So, to fix this issue you need to take immediate action against it.

Hacks to fix the Google Chrome crashing issue 

  • In your Google Chrome, close all the tabs working and then close the Chrome window. Now, reopen the window again to see whether it is working properly or not.

  • Check the internet connection and if it is slow then disconnect it and then connect it again to your device.

  • If the issue is still not fixed then restart your device to fix the Chrome-related issue.

  • Open the same page which you were opening on Chrome, on some other browser to see whether the page is creating a problem or it is a problem related to Chrome itself. If the same issue occurs on the other web browser then there is no issue with Google Chrome.

  • Uninstall Google Chrome and then install Chrome again in your device. This will take it back to the default settings and will fix the crashing issue which is occurring in your Chrome.

If you are still not able to fix the Google Chrome keep crashing issue, then you can ask for immediate assistance from the Google customer support team by connecting with a Google live person.

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Greg Arias

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