Apple id is mandatory to access apple products. Though creating one is not a difficult task, one can easily create it. However, in many scenarios, a user forgets the password or wants to change it. 

If you are looking for the same, then you can easily recover the id and make the necessary changes. It may happen that you are not aware of how to do Apple id account recoveryGo through the below-mentioned steps. 

Steps To Do Apple Id Account Recovery 

First of all, go to the Apple ID account page 

Now select the login page and provide information like ID 

Next, click on the Forget Apple Id or password. Here you can search for ID as well as set a new password 

Now, provide the security key that is mandatory to cross the “Two-factor authentication” 

Next, move to the recovery option, and select the trusted device in which you will receive the code 

Further, mention the code and move to the reset password. Once you reset it, then login with the new one and make sure you change it in your id settings too 

If you have lost the trusted device then you will not able to recover the account. Though, you can reach out to the support team and get some solutions. 


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