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What is Vidalista 40mg?

Vidalista 40mg is a contraction of the brand name for this generic product (Vidalista) and the dosage of Tadalafil (20mg). It is a phosphodiesterase type 5 inhibitor, just like Sildenafil and, for example, Vardenafil. This means that you can use Vidalista 40 to get an erection as soon as you experience sexual arousal.

Effect of Vidalista 40mg

The body normally produces cGMP when you experience sexual arousal. This substance causes the blood vessels to widen so that enough blood can flow to the penis and you get an erection. Do you have a sexual disorder? Then the body itself is no longer able to do this and you can use a product such as Vidalista 40mg.

The Vidalista 40mg ensures that the enzyme responsible for the rapid breakdown of cGMP in the body can no longer work properly. That way, the erection is maintained, allowing you to enjoy sex for longer. On the other hand, Vidalista 20mg does not ensure that you have a continuous erection, you must first be sexually aroused.

Cialis or Vidalista 40mg?

Vidalista 40mg uses Tadalafil, an active substance that we know from, among other things, the drug Cialis. In that respect, it is not an unknown substance and it is worthwhile to make a choice between the two products. Cialis is usually a lot more expensive, because of the patent that one has to apply for. Vidalista 40mg is a generic product, which makes it much cheaper to produce. The effect of both products is the same, so make sure that you do not pay too much for this with Vidalista 40mg.

Order Vidalista 40mg online

You can order Vidalista 40 online, without anyone in your area has to know that you are using it. How is that possible? Online delivery is provided discreetly, in packaging with nothing strange on the outside. This means, among other things, that even delivery to the neighbors will not embarrass you. Instead, you can order and take advantage of Vidalista 40mg without any hassle. Indicate online how many of the tablets you wish to receive so that you can finally master erectile dysfunction and you can count on maximum sexual pleasure again.


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