We're a small company which sells medicine from China.

We're looking for some company that can make a good healthcare project for us, I mean develop a site in this sphere and etc.

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It's a nice thing to find a company instead of doing something on your own.

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Cool, are you from healthcare industry? That's fantastic as we have a lot in common and I can give you some advice for example I worked with a good company that developed great healthcare designs for me https://cadabra.studio/blog/best-healthcare-website-designs I really like the way those guys work. They made everything as I wanted it to be!

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Entony Green

If you are looking for company that can make a good healthcare project i can recommend Cleveroad company. It's Eastern Europe company and their price is lower than other competitors. I worked with this people and you not to lose quality of your product but you can save your money properly because they have cheaper price per hour of working.

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Kangmei Pharmaceutical, founded in 1997 and headquartered in Puning, Southeast China, is one of the largest pharmaceutical companies in China. It produces and sells a variety of Chinese medicines and chemical drugs. The company also involves in property management, E-commerce, and other businesses. 

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Hey! If you are looking for a reliable team of developers, than I can advise you IT Craft. For almost 17 years, IT Craft has been providing affordable, expert software programming services to clients around the world.
They have recently developed an on demand delivery app for my company, where I work in. 
In general, IT Craft has developed custom web applications that range from simple CMS-powered websites to complex SaaS applications hosted on server clusters, and used agile practices to develop and design innovative mobile applications for Android (both smartphones and tablets) and iOS (iPhone, iPad). 


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Hanna Jordan

As healthcare software development company, CodeIT has a wide expertise in delivering custom healthcare solutions and web development services. You get healthcare web and mobile app development, seamless integrations with third-party systems, secure data storage, medical big data and analytics. 

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I am trying to use these small scale industries provided services from china country. They are doing well with the help of australian help review writers. Many instructions grabed from these companies to establish new entrepreneurs. 

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Georgina Hudson

The same legitimacy concern also led the Chinese government to introduce incentives to improve the quality of its pharmaceutical products. If you want to develop a successful app then you have to visit a website online. For this, the site spdload will help you. The site provides you all the instructions which will lead you to develop a successful app. 

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I want to agree with you. Medical website and  telemedicine app development are really important nowadays. If you want to know more about telemedicine app development here is a great article  https://program-ace.com/blog/telemedicine-app-development/ which helps you understand how such applications are made.

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