Before you know about setting up a bitcoin paper wallet, it is essential for you to know about the paper wallet and why you need to have a paper wallet. You own bitcoins and if you are thinking of storing them in a secure place; then choose paper wallets. Bitcoin paper wallets are secure and immune to hacker attacks.

As they operate offline hence you can use them easily and can deposit and withdraw bitcoins too. Bitaddress is an online method that allows users to create wallets by generating unique wallet addresses. These addresses can be printed out to use in cold-storage wallets or shared with another wallet system. is a secure platform for availing digital wallets. The procedure is simple:


  • Head over to
  • Hover the mouse randomly to make a random amount of 100%.
  • Select a paper wallet, which you can print out too.
  • Generate your wallet and print.

Make sure to perform this process separately not on public systems, else primary may be at the risk of being hacked. Nowadays the best bitcoin paper wallets are bitcoin, wallet, and paper wallets. Each of them has its own specialties to secure private keys and addresses as well as to secure user’s information. The user can just download the source code and generate wallets offline to stay far away from any risk of information loss.


The user can also create a bitcoin wallet address, wallet address is associated with a bitcoin exchange account. If the user wants to know about the address, just click the details button to check the related QR code. In a nutshell, creating a paper wallet is safer than keeping bitcoins on an exchange platform. The benefit of wallets is, you can send and receive money securely offline. Moreover, there is no risk of scammers or hackers.